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A top cam model can make literally THOUSANDS a week - working LESS than thirty hours! We're looking for girls and guys of ALL types and want YOU! It's a big world out there and we are not looking for physical perfection (what ever the hell that is??). We want REAL people who want to have fun, put on a webcam show and GET PAID $$$$!

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Nope, just the basics - A computer, high speed internet connection, a webcam or camcorder, a "capture card" (don't worry, it's cheap and we'll explain it to you) plus a scanner and a printer. That's all! How many BIG PAYING careers can be had for so cheap?

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Of course not! YOU are in control here, it's YOUR webcam show, do what ever you like - get as crazy as you want! BUT - we are an adult entertainment network, so....

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